Hi, I'm Ashley!

The quirky visionary behind Maverick Event Planning


I value trends and traditions, but I'm also okay with throwing them out the window! You two are the boss and I'm here for YOU.


My style can be described as modern, elegant and romantic with a twist; pulling in something new or unique through colour or texture. I love a challenge!


Maverick Event Planning was created out of a passion for detail and organization. Having experienced many happily ever afters and successful events, it's easy to go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your experience with MavEP is stress-free, enjoyable and memorable. 


But what am I really like? Here's a few of my favourite things outside of weddings and events;

- Soccer; been playing co-ed and women's league for 6 years

- Music concerts & festivals; the best one to date was: Osheaga 2019

- Drinking cocktails; my favourite currently is: NY Sour

- Watching cooking shows; currently watching: Top Chef Canada

- Instagram is the new Pinterest for me; browsing beautiful photography and new baking or cooking recipes are my jam.


Looking forward to planning your incredible day and ensuring you're stress-free and loving every step of the way!